Mini Egg Attack Deadpool 4th Wall

Beast Kingdom's Mini Egg Attack series, perfect for display in offices, is proud to present the spoofiest super hero ever Marvel Comics Deadpool.
We are giving you six Fierce x Mischievous versions of Deadpool all at once. These statue show off Deadpool's unique and varied charm and his habit of breaking the fourth wall to interact with his fans.
Comes with the different interactive special effects, accessories, backgrounds, and adding to that the rich colors and meticulous way the models are hand-painted and assembled, Deadpool is not only an unconventional hero, but is also perfectly transformed into a playful and cute Cupid, a funny yet contradictory dreamy guy, an innocent big boy, a sweet and charming maid, and a dramatic cat lover! POW! A must-have for all Deadpool fans! Hurry to Beast Kingdom and collect this varied superhero.