Nintendo Handheld Console & Controller Backpack Buddies Blind Bag

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The ultimate collection of Backpack Buddies for gamers, these Nintendo Controller Backpack Buddies feature some of the most iconic controllers and handheld consoles in gaming history.

The range features 8 different miniature Nintendo classics to collect, including such icons of the industry as the original Game Boy, the NES and SNES controllers, GameCube and N64 controllers and the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. There's also a rare golden chase controller to look out for in special packs to complete the collection.
Perfect for bags, backpacks and keyrings, the Nintendo Controller Backpack Buddies are a great gift for gamers and a great collectable for lovers of all things quirky and retro.

The Nintendo Console Backpack Buddies are an officially licensed Nintendo product. One item included per pack.