Batman: The Dark Knight - Batman & Joker Dynamic Action Heroes Figure Set


"Why do you wanna kill me?"

"I don't wanna kill you! What would I do without you? Go back to ripping off mob dealers? no, no... No! No, You... complete me!"

The release of the Dark Knight Trilogy forever changed the face of superhero movies. Whilst realistic takes on the genre had been done in the past, Christopher Nolans vision introduced movie goers to a dark and edgy world unlike anything that had been seen before, and in the center was Batman himself, arguably the most popular character from the DC universe.

"Why so serious?" One of the most famous lines in recent movie history, uttered by arguably one of the most famous villains: The Joker, still resonates with movie lovers to this day!

Why break up this beautiful and long standing rivalry? Bring home both Batman and the Joker today!

Approx. 21cm Height

Manufacturer: Beast Kingdom