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🚚 FREE Shipping on orders over $95
🚚 FREE Shipping on orders over $95

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Collective Consciousness?
We are an online store that specialises in all things pop culture. We are based in Melbourne, Australia. We opened our (virtual) doors in 2019, and they have been open ever since!
Are the items you sell real and authentic?
All our items are sourced from reputable distribution companies within Australia, so yes, they are all officially licensed products.
Do you have a physical store?
We do not, we are purely online. For now...
What does PRE-ORDER mean?
Pre-Order means that the item in question is new to the site and hasn't arrived yet. Purchasing the item is your chance to secure it so when it arrives you won't miss out! We may get more stock later on, but who knows? Maybe it's a limited release! Please make sure to check the ETA of the product in the description for the latest ETA, as they can be subject to delays on occasion.
What does *RETURNING* mean?
A Returning item is a product that we have had before, and much like the Pre-Orders, it hasn't arrived back yet. Please make sure to check the ETA of the product in the description for the latest ETA, as they too can be subject to delays.
I have not received any updates for my order. Why is that?
If you haven't heard from us about your order in a while, it may be because there simply hasn't been any updates (ie, the Pre-Order item you purchased is still months away from it's ETA). If there is a worthwhile update, you will be notified, otherwise your best bet is to check the item description for the current ETA.
Why hasn’t my order arrived yet?
If you are concerned that your order is later than expected, please make sure to check the item(s) you have ordered on our website before contacting us via email or phone. It’s possible that there may be a delay and/or change to the date of the item. If that is the case, the item will have been updated it to reflect the new ETA.
I have checked the item description and the Pre-Order/Returning date has changed. Why has this happened and what can you do?
This has happened because the distributors of the item have informed us that the item will be arriving later than expected, usually due to delays of some kind. What can we do about it? Not much, really. These types of things are out of our hands, so we can only update the description to reflect the new ETA. if this is not to your liking, please contact us for further information.
How long will my order take to be sent off?
Orders typically take 1-3 business days to be sent off (so not including weekends), however it may take longer given the volume or orders we have or depending on what time of the year is it, ie Christmas. For orders that are marked PRE-ORDER and RETURNING, the same applies, but only when the order has arrived to us (See above).
My order includes both in stock and Pre-Order/Returning items. Will they be sent together?
In this case, provided that there is a decent time difference, we will contact you and give you the choice to receive the in stock items now (subject to processing and shipping times) or to wait for the other items to arrive. Please note that you NOT be charged extra shipping for additional deliveries (We're nice like that!)
What does 1-2 business days Express Shipping mean?
1-2 business days refers to shipping times once the order has been sent. There is no priority when it comes to processing orders (see above).
Who do you ship your orders with?
We use Australia Post to send our orders. For all orders, we send off a confirmation email detailing that we have sent your order off, and it will include an Australia Post tracking number.
Do you ship overseas?
At this point, we only send within Australia. But who knows what the future holds?!?
Can I cancel my order and get a refund?
Provided you have a reason, that shouldn’t be a problem. However, a simple change of mind will be subject to our approval.